The Hayes Barton Advantage

The Hayes Barton Difference

We are committed to providing thorough, high quality medicine in a gentle and compassionate environment. Here’s how we’re different:



In the veterinary industry, standard time planned and spent with a patient is 15 minutes. We have found that 15 minutes is not an adequate amount of time to perform a quality exam, discuss findings and treatment plan options, and answer your questions. In short, we’ve made the commitment to practice quality medicine so we plan for 30 minutes per patient to make sure we have plenty of time to follow through and meet these high standards.



We take surgery and dental care seriously. The average veterinary practice performs 4-10 surgeries or 6-10 dental procedures a day, but they often fail to consider the comfort and safety of the patient in such a packed schedule.  At Hayes Barton we perform only 1-2 surgeries or dental procedures a day allowing us to spend the necessary time with your pet to assure a safe and comfortable experience.

Many veterinary practices allow technicians to perform dental procedures without the full-time presence of a veterinarian. Most people don’t realize these procedures require full anesthesia. Because your pet’s safety is so important to us the veterinarian never leaves your pet’s side to ensure the best possible outcome for your loved one.



We were curious, so we checked our rates against other quality local animal hospitals and found that the costs of our services are comparable. Since we invest much more time in you and your pet, you are getting our services at very competitive rates. We also commit to never, ever recommend a service or treatment that isn’t necessary for your pet’s best health and life.



We believe Ben Franklin had it right: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” We know that with proper care we can help extend your pet’s vibrant happy years by as many as five years. We’ll teach you how and make recommendations that will extend the love and joy you have with your companion for years.