Our Story

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Here, we like to believe that we’re the vet that pets would choose if pets could choose their vets.


Your pet is our passion.

Since I was 8 years old my dream was to be a veterinarian. I loved animals and really enjoyed talking with others about them. I always felt deeply connected with animals and wanted to help them and the people who loved them.

I graduated from veterinary school, excited and with anticipation of finally putting all those years of study and all my dreams for helping animals to use. I joined an established practice and quickly found myself unsatisfied. Then and today, the industry standard of practice is to book an appointment every 10-15 minutes.

This practice didn’t allow time for a high quality exam and certainly did not allow me time to really get to know my animal patients and their families. I had spent years working hard to achieve a dream that felt unrealized. As my frustration grew, I decided that starting my own practice, a different kind of practice, was the solution.

In 1987, I started Hayes Barton Animal Hospital (HBAH) with a vision to provide a higher quality of veterinary care. In order to turn my passion into a reality, I needed to break all of the veterinary industry rules. I committed from day one that HBAH would allot 30 minutes for every patient appointment. The results tell me that my staff and I have done something exceptional.

We have built a hospital that serves our community and keeps our patients well. Our human clients tell us they enjoy coming to visit and we all feel like a family here. Our animal patients tell us by their wags and meows and their long, healthy lives that they are happy and well served.

I learned that I wasn’t the only one who wanted this kind of practice. Today, we have grown from our humble beginnings into a team of 25 plus professionals dedicated to our vision and mission of passionately and lovingly providing quality health care in a clean, fun, friendly environment.

Most of our staff who have come from other practices are delighted and grateful to be in an environment that gives them time to provide individualized, thorough and caring attention to all of our patients and their human loved ones. As a result, our people are long-tenured and committed to our patients and clients. We all believe in making a difference by what we do every day.

It has meant everything to me to bring the level of care to my patients and clients that I believe every being deserves. I couldn’t be more proud of our team or of what we’ve created. We welcome you to Hayes Barton Animal Hospital and are committed to you and your pet’s best life together.


Dr. Rob Manchester